Anzen To Deploy Tokenized Private Credit RWAs on Canto

We’re pleased to announce that Anzen will deploy tokenized private credit assets on Canto. The partnership represents a growing interest in Canto’s neofinance infrastructure while bringing institutional-grade, debt-based Real World Assets (RWAs) onchain.

Anzen x Canto

Anzen is a decentralized lending platform where users can supply stablecoins to earn yield generated by Real World Assets. The assets primarily consist of short-term debt with fixed repayment schedules, in categories such as SMB financing, auto loans, and trade receivables. The assets are backed by collateral, utilizing loan covenants and real-time monitoring to ensure greater safety for lenders.

Anzen is built by a team of credit investment experts with over a decade of joint lending experience. Since 2018, the team has been researching mechanisms to bring credit assets onchain – and Canto is well-positioned for deployment.

With its feeless lending market, and permissionless unit of account (NOTE), partially backed by tokenized treasury bills, Canto has laid the foundation for a new era of neofinance.

“We are thrilled to launch RWAs natively on Canto, bringing a diverse set of exclusive assets onchain,” said Ben Shyong, Cofounder Anzen. “Private credit is a $8 trillion Tradfi market which plays a vital role in financing the real economy, and we are excited to enable DeFi natives to participate in this growing market.”

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About Canto

Canto is a Layer 1 blockchain built with the Cosmos SDK that offers an EVM execution layer and core financial primitives, including a decentralized exchange, lending market, and unit of account (NOTE). Canto presents the radical notion that DeFi primitives should exist as Free Public Infrastructure (FPI), or free-to-use public utility protocols. Development is stewarded by the Canto Commons, an open and permissionless framework for coordinating around a decentralized public protocol.

In Sept 2023, the Commons announced a planned migration to a ZK L2 on Ethereum – powered by Polygon CDK. This ZK chain will be dedicated to Real World Assets in support of neofinance.

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