Canto Online Hackathon | Chapter 2, Season 1

The Canto Online Hackathon (COH) is a virtual summit that invites developers, creatives, and communicators to launch the next wave of apps, infrastructure, and original work on Canto.

For Chapter 2 and Season 1 we are concentrating on onboarding builders that will focus on creating user facing applications with DeFi Primitives, and the $NOTE stablecoin, backed by RWA.

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This year we’re teaming up with Encode Club who will bring new awareness, create a great schedule, and make a big impact!

About Canto

Canto is a permissionless blockchain built with the Cosmos SDK that offers an EVM execution layer and core financial primitives, including a novel decentralized exchange, lending market, and unit of account (NOTE).

Since its launch, core development on Canto has continued, spearheaded by the Canto Protocol Improvement Cluster (CPIC). Released last year, Contract Secured Revenue (CSR) offers a new source of revenue for smart contract developers, while features yet to hit the chain include streamlined bridging and a native liquid staking protocol.

In support of Canto’s Free Public Infrastructure – a framework that advocates for DeFi primitives to be provided as public utilities, among other tenets – the COH encourages projects centered on sustainability, authenticity, and creativity.

Bounties & Building Categories

Builders will compete for prize shares in a 500,000 CANTO rewards pool.

Along with a change in building categories, this season rewards builders who launch on mainnet prior to submission close with doubled prize shares. Also a special post-event prize will be considered for teams who commit to shipping their product in the canto ecosystem.

In the new season, a large focus for the hackathon will also be general DeFi primitives that contribute to making the canto network a more accessible place for teams and individuals. There is an open call of new ideas built with the RWA $NOTE, the unit of account on Canto. $NOTE is an over-collateralized currency backed by stablecoins and RWAs, with a value perpetually rebalanced toward $1 through an algorithmic interest rate policy.

Prizes will be judged on a few important factors and will be considered for those utilizing the novel stablecoin $NOTE on canto inside your product.

  • Overall Winner(s): Up to 5 remarkable projects will be awarded as judges see fit.

  • Awards will be distributed to up to 5 winning teams, with a ‘post-event’ reward considered for teams that deploy to mainnet and get traction.

Prize categories

DeFi & Infrastructure

  • Applications that leverage Canto’s infrastructure, including its free public infrastructure of DeFi primary services and contract-secured revenue.

Building new primitives on Canto that accelerate the ecosystem (examples such as lending protocols, derivatives markets, and in general DeFi verticals of high impact).

$NOTE Usage

  • Innovation and Creativity in $NOTE Utilization: This category merges the elements of innovation, creativity, and original integration of $NOTE. It rewards projects demonstrating unique and inventive uses of the $NOTE stablecoin, emphasizing originality and creative problem-solving in utilizing the Canto RWA-backed stablecoin.

  • Composable and Experimental $NOTE Applications: Combining the composable systems and experimental aspects, this category is for projects integrating $NOTE into interoperable platforms or experimenting with new, pioneering approaches. It targets entries pushing the stablecoin application’s boundaries, showcasing flexibility and experimental prowess.

  • User-Centric and Sustainable $NOTE Solutions: This category combines the focus on user experience and sustainability. It is aimed at projects that not only prioritize an intuitive and accessible user interface but also demonstrate a sustainable plan for long-term growth and maintenance, using $NOTE as a key component.

  • $NOTE in DeFi and Infrastructure: This category specifically targets applications that leverage Canto's infrastructure, including its DeFi primitives and Contract Secured Revenue, using $NOTE. It recognizes projects that effectively harness the broader ecosystem of Canto in conjunction with the $NOTE stablecoin.

Judging Criteria

20% – Originality, Creativity, & Innovation.

20% – Canto-ish-ness. How well do projects do one of the following items:

  • In step with Canto culture and expand on primitives needed in the ecosystem

  • Leverages or supports Canto Free Public Infrastructure

  • Leverages Contract Secured Revenue.

20% – Expertise Required A high level of skill or knowledge or competency was demonstrated by the team members

20% – User Experience The project presents as intuitive and understandable for its targeted user profile.

20% – Sustainability A thoughtful plan for launch, maintenance, and/or further development.


Canto hackathon judges will be announced leading up to the official hackathon date.


  • Until 8th April: Early bird registration (apply here)

  • 8th April: Hackathon begins with an official Launch Event

  • 5th May: Submission deadline

  • Mid-May: Finale and Prizes Event

More technical workshops will be announced soon.


We’re proud to collaborate with a lineup of groundbreaking partners, each bringing unique expertise and support to the hackathon:


Playing a pivotal role in the Canto ecosystem, offering deep dives into Canto’s technology including nodes, DEXs, and more, along with comprehensive tech support.


A team of builders and engineers focused on developing innovative apps, ready to share their expertise with participants.


A derivatives platform fresh off a $5M fundraising round and gearing up for a mainnet launch on 27th February. They’re joining as an official partner, offering a bounty for a backend engineer intern.


Known for their validator services on Cosmos, they will be joining the hackathon as participants, bringing their technical prowess to the competition. They also will help mentor other teams who are working on building in the canto hackathon.

About Encode Club

Encode Club is a global community of top developers, professionals and talented students in Emerging Tech. Through leading educational programmes such as hackathons, bootcamps and accelerators we help you advance your career and work with transformative companies


If you have any questions, please email: or reach out on the encode Discord. Or join the Canto Discord.

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