Proposal Calls to Extend Current Liquidity Mining Incentives

A governance proposal will be submitted at 11 AM EST on Wednesday July 12th to top up liquidity mining rewards.

By default, the liquidity mining program’s existing parameters will remain unchanged. Network security emissions will also continue to be distributed at their current levels without the need for a governance proposal.

The proposals will take effect immediately upon passing. Security emissions will continue to be 4.284 CANTO per block and liquidity mining rewards will continue to be:

  • CANTO/NOTE: 10.483 CANTO per block

  • ETH/CANTO: 4.234 CANTO per block

  • ATOM/CANTO: 4.234 CANTO per block

  • NOTE/USDC: 0.756 CANTO per block

  • NOTE/USDT: 0.756 CANTO per block

  • cUSDC: 0.203 CANTO per block

  • cUSDT: 0.203 CANTO per block

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