Introducing Canto Cluster Protocol: Onchain Registry for Canto Commons

Today, the Canto Protocol Improvement Cluster (CPIC) announced its deployment of the Canto Cluster Protocol, an onchain registry to optimize the coordination and management of contributing clusters within the Canto Commons.

A New Vision for Collaboration

Introduced in March 2023, the Canto Commons presented a new vision for collaboration and emergent self-organization around a decentralized public protocol.

As an open and permissionless framework, the Commons encourages the formation of clusters, or groups of contributors, that focus on specific work. Among these contributing groups, CPIC is the cluster charged with research, development, and implementation of protocol-layer architecture, of which includes Contract Secured Revenue, Canto-native Liquid Staking, and now the Canto Cluster Protocol.


The main contract, known as ‘ClusterRegistry’ serves as an onchain registry of new and existing Canto Clusters. In step, the protocol gathers and maintains the information required for the optimal coordination and management of contributing groups.

As shared on the Canto Commons forums, the contract is responsible for the following functions:

  • Keeping track of cluster data

  • Allowing the registration of new clusters

  • Providing a way to access cluster information

  • Maintaining an address associated with each cluster at which that cluster can receive a donation

Retroactive Cluster Funding

Should Canto contributors build a Retroactive Cluster Funding protocol, that protocol could use the ‘ClusterRegistry’ to know where to send retroactive funding.

For more information regarding cluster logic, visit:

To access and review the Cluster Registration application:

About Canto

Canto is a Layer-1 blockchain built with the Cosmos SDK that offers an EVM execution layer and core financial primitives, including a decentralized exchange, lending market, and unit of account (NOTE). Canto presents the radical notion that DeFi primitives should exist as Free Public Infrastructure (FPI), or free-to-use public utility protocols. Development is stewarded by the Canto Commons, an open and permissionless framework for coordinating around a decentralized public protocol.

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