Canto + Subsquid: Scaling Infra for the Next Gen of Canto Developers

Canto is thrilled to announce its new partnership with Subsquid

Following a record-breaking number of applicants and submissions in Season 2 of the Canto Online Hackathon and the announcement of its Cyclone stack, Canto is doubling down on optimizing its developer experience. Subsquid on Canto will enhance data access and efficiency, enable real-time analytics, and facilitate scalable project development, all aiding the development experience on Canto. Canto’s partnership with Subsquid extends beyond traditional indexing solutions; it's a strategic alignment with Canto's ambition to establish itself as the best execution layer for original work.

More on Subsquid

Subsquid employs an innovative approach to blockchain data indexing and delivery. Subsquid stores onchain data in raw format in their data lake, making it easily accessible and offering maximum flexibility for developers to extract only what they need and in whichever structure they prefer, bypassing the traditionally slow RPC node interfaces. Its indexing methodology not only boosts performance and cuts costs, but also cultivates a dynamic open-source community. Subsquid’s unique indexing approach, combined with its broad adoption across blockchain networks and a quick-response program, establishes it as an essential tool for developers in the Canto ecosystem.

Canto Ecosystem Benefits

As Canto continues to scale, its core objective remains clear: solidify its position as the best execution layer for original work. As Canto shifts to accommodate more projects with increasing complexity, proper developer resources are a necessity. There are 3 main ways this Canto <> Subsquid partnership will enhance the dev and user experience on Canto:

Scaling Infrastructure

Canto’s core ethos has always been dedicated to providing the best possible user and developer experience. This is best exemplified through core tenants like Free Public Infrastructure, Contract Secured Revenue, and other core tenants that are all carefully designed pro user / developer mechanisms. During Canto’s most recent hackathon, there was a notable increase in both participation and the quality of submissions. Many of these projects demanded a robust indexing solution. In response, our core contributors swiftly implemented what we believe to be the optimal solution available—a solution that ensures future developers can build without facing scalability issues.

Real-Time Data Accessibility, Efficiency and Processing

Subsquid thrives in its unique approach to blockchain data indexing. Subsquid's decentralized data lake provides access to multichain blockchain data replacing the need for slower RPC nodes to extract historical onchain data. This both enhances developer productivity by reducing complexity AND significantly cuts operational costs by minimizing reliance on expensive infra (RPC nodes). Additionally, Subsquid's capability for real-time data processing ensures that applications are always equipped with the latest data, which is crucial for timely decision-making and maintaining competitiveness in fast-paced markets. This combination of accessibility, cost-efficiency, and timeliness makes Subsquid an invaluable partner in fostering scalable and innovative solutions within the blockchain ecosystem.

Network Effects

Developer centric integrations naturally grows Canto’s developer base, but it also enriches the onchain experience for users, community members, and the entire ecosystem. By making more infrastructure accessible to builders, Canto incentivizes further development, which improves user experience and creates a virtuous cycle of growth for both developers and users. This flywheel effect continually enhances the vibrancy and utility of the Canto ecosystem, amplifying Canto’s journey toward widespread adoption and innovation.

Our Vision Moving Forward:

Partnership between Canto and Subsquid provides a new era of scalability for developers on Canto. Canto's commitment to providing a top-tier developer experience is unwavering, and Subsquid's revolutionary data indexing and delivery solutions perfectly compliment this point of view. Leadership at Subsquid and Canto core contributors will work closely to expand on initial deployment with any relevant Subsquid features, and bounties for future hackathons. An enriched developer toolkit will incentivize more developers, more users, and better applications for the Canto ecosystem. Subsquid is live on Canto today, and you can find it on the ecosystem page here.

If you’re interested in learning more about this partnership, stay tuned for two joint twitter spaces coming soon between Canto and Subsquid, follow @cantopublic and @subsquid on twitter for exact time and date of these spaces.

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