Proposals Call To Reduce LM Incentives by ~35%
Canto Public
May 8th, 2023

Three separate governance proposals will be submitted at 11 AM EST on Thursday, May 11 with the following outcomes if passed:

  • Set new liquidity mining incentives to be reduced by ~38% on average

  • Fund liquidity mining incentives for the next period

  • Reduce security emissions by exactly 15%

The proposals will take effect immediately upon passing. If passed, the liquidity mining rewards will be:

  • CANTO/NOTE: 11.648 CANTO per block (-35%)

  • ETH/CANTO: 4.704 CANTO per block (-40%)

  • ATOM/CANTO: 4.704 CANTO per block (-40%)

  • NOTE/USDC: 0.84 CANTO per block (-50%)

  • NOTE/USDT: 0.84 CANTO per block (-50%)

  • cUSDC: 0.225 CANTO per block (-25%)

  • cUSDT: 0.225 CANTO per block (-25%)

If passed, security emissions will be 4.76 CANTO per block (-15%).

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