Canto + Union: A Seamless Cross-Chain Experience

Canto is thrilled to announce our new collaboration with

Union is an interoperability layer that uses consensus verification to create unstoppable and decentralized connections to enable anyone to transfer assets and data. This partnership provides further interoperability optionality, enhanced liquidity, and access to a wider array of assets for the Canto ecosystem.

More on Union

Union is a sovereign interoperability layer solving the sovereign bridging tri-lemma. Union is:

  1. Trustless: Union implements proper consensus-verification and does not compromise on IBC's security guarantees.

  2. Decentralized: Through CometBLS' hyper-efficient prover, proofs can be generated by anyone rather than relying on large or centralized institutions.

  3. Permissionless: Union's infrastructure allows for anyone to set up sovereign connections to new networks.

Canto Ecosystem Benefits

Canto contributors see three main areas this collaboration will bolsters Canto’s ecosystem:

Elevated Interoperability Options:

Canto’s existing integration with LayerZero set the foundation for seamless cross-chain interactions on Canto. Users will now have access to multiple options for transferring assets across different chains, enhancing Canto’s cross-chain experience.

More Liquidity, Users and Activity:

The synergies between Canto and Union will provide further onramp optionality from Cosmos and Ethereum L2s, providing more users, activity, to foster Canto’s vibrant ecosystem.

Union’s partnerships with EVM-compatible L2s, such as Scroll, will also give Canto immediate access to Ethereum tokens issued and used in those execution environments.

Access to a Wider Array of Assets:

Canto users will gain access to assets on advanced rollups built on platforms like Celestia. Moreover, the partnership facilitates the native issuance of USDC on the increasingly popular Noble, broadening asset diversity for Canto users.

Our Vision Moving Forward:

Canto’s vision has always been to create the best execution layer for original work, which is only realized in an ecosystem that offers seamless and plentiful options for cross-chain experiences. Canto’s partnership with Union is another crucial step towards realizing this vision. It represents a commitment to delivering a richer, more versatile on-chain environment for the Canto community.

The Canto <> Union development is yet another testament to Canto’s dedication to developer and user-centric development. Follow Canto on X and subscribe to the blog to hear about what we’re working on first!

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