Hashnote to Bring Private Cash Management Fund to Canto

We’re pleased to announce that Hashnote will deploy its daily liquidity private cash fund on Canto. The integration will deliver a Canto-native ERC20 representation of the Hashnote International Short Duration Yield Coin (SDYC), a collaboration that further underscores the excitement to bring Real World Assets (RWAs) onchain.

Hashnote x Canto

Hashnote is a decentralized asset management platform known for its institutional-grade service, smart contract security, and on-chain structured products. As the first company to be launched by Cumberland Labs, Hashnote prioritizes regulatory compliance and on-chain transparency while providing institutional investors with a full-service gateway to decentralized finance.

Hashnote serves as the investment manager of Hashnote International Short Duration Yield Fund Ltd. (“SDYF”)  shares of which are represented by the SDYC token, an ERC20 token to be enabled on Canto alongside additional integrations with Canto’s Free Public Infrastructure (FPI).

“I'm excited for Hashnote to be one of the bedrocks of Canto’s RWA infrastructure and I’m looking forward to their launch.” said Scott Lewis, Canto Contributor.

About Canto

Canto is a Layer-1 blockchain built with the Cosmos SDK that offers an EVM execution layer and core financial primitives, including a decentralized exchange, lending market, and unit of account (NOTE). Canto presents the radical notion that DeFi primitives should exist as Free Public Infrastructure (FPI), or free-to-use public utility protocols. Development is stewarded by the Canto Commons, an open and permissionless framework for coordinating around a decentralized public protocol.

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